Auto record push-ups

Before you support the ground with both hands, just put the phone under your face or chest, when you are close to the front camera of the phone, or click the circle in the app, it will record you Did a push-up. All your data can be backed up via iCloud.

  • Sensors recognize push-ups
  • Tap the app to recognize push-ups
  • iCloud Sync

Effect monitoring

You can view your various statistics, including total number, total days, consecutive days, etc. You can view all your history records according to the timeline. You can record your weight, body fat rate, and resting heart rate at any time, and compare them to see the effects of your exercise.

  • Statistics
  • History
  • Body weight, body fat rate, resting heart rate

Training plan

You can go through a variety of training modes, including repetition training, time training, calorie training, interval training and free training. You can also remind yourself to start training regularly. You can also use URL Schemes or Siri & Shortcuts to automatically trigger your training.

  • Multiple training modes
  • Reminder
  • URL Schemes, Siri Shortcuts

More Features

Beautiful UI & Theme

We try to use Apple's native components to build the UI interface so that the app looks more beautiful and simple. At the same time, we also provide several different color themes for users to choose.


You can share your records, achievements, and video records during training with your family or friends.

Apple Health

Your data can be synchronized to Apple Health.

Game Center

We have access to game center and provide multiple rankings, achievements and medals.

Voice Broadcast

During training, the voice broadcast can let you know the progress better and cheer you up.

Teaching and communication

We will exchange and learn the correct method of push-ups together, as well as some problems encountered by everyone in the process.